Remember that concealed resentment may make itself felt in the future. more constructive way out - not to suppress their own feelings, and find out the relationship with the person or to forgive him and forget about what happened.

But if you want to cope with your feelings and do not show your disappointment when you realize that they themselves are wrong, or offended, behave like a child, use one of the methods listed below to the surroundingnot guessed that you are experiencing.


If you can turn the situation that may seem offensive, in an amusing incident, joke and laugh with others, no one would guess that you hurt is happening.

Challenge to help your sense of humor, answer the offender famous quote, for example, from a film or song, laugh at themselves in response to criticism or to make fun of the interlocutor in response to his unjust words. If you are going to turn into a joke, you will not have the bitter residue and others do not think you are too concerned about the situation.


to hide his resentment, sometimes enough to switch from the sad thoughts on some work or entertainment.The less attention you dwell on the problem, the faster it will go by the wayside in your head.And if you do not think about what happened, and the negative emotions recede.

If unpleasant situation happened at work, focus on their work activities, start to solve the current issues.When you hurt someone from home, and you do not want to show that are wounded, pick up a book or turn on a movie.

Step back

If you hide the emotion does not work, but you do not want to look weak in the eyes of the abuser man, just walk away from it.When you get back to normal, you can return to the conversation.

Go for a walk, alone in another room.You will feel relieved when the stay alone, and some will not be the person who offended you.

Do not hesitate to cry alone.When you pour the accumulated emotions in the future it will be easier to manage their condition and to discuss the sensitive issue.

Admit feelings

Another way to conceal the offense - is explain to the person that he hurt you, but do it in an even voice.On the one hand you confess your feelings.On the other hand, hiding them deep.Ambient is likely to think that you only disliked the conversation.But they do not realize that you are wounded seriously.The main thing is to talk about their emotions calm, with an indifferent expression.