times in communion with other members of society people expect to find respect, acceptance and recognition.This is especially true for individuals with low self-esteem.Insecure person will seek approval from others.But strong people, too, sometimes need some support.

adoption concerns several aspects of life.In one case, a person wishes to someone shared his views, in other situations it is important to get a compliment about her appearance.There are individuals who work better and more efficiently when others celebrate their professionalism.To praise them makes more sense than, for example, material motivation.


Some people can not imagine their life without acquaintances, relatives and friends.To live alone and feel normal, need to be very strong, self-sufficient, perhaps a bit of a closed personality.Of course, there are people who in the company feel inner discomfort and uncertainty.So ladies easier to be alone.They are called introverts, and they occur rarely.

Communication is important for a person, because it gives the opportunity to share their views, experiences, get someone's advice to sympathize.Another important function, which is performed communications - is receipt and transmission of information.And without her man it is very difficult to navigate in the world.

love and affirmation

Try to find a man who would not want to be someone he loved.It is unlikely that you will find in today's society the individual who wants to be rejected and unpleasant for everyone.One of the important needs of the individual in society - to love and be loved.It inspires a sense of people, giving them strength and hope.It is the most favorite render effective support in difficult times.If it was not love, it would not be so many unions, families and children.

Get realization of their abilities and capabilities - that is another human need in today's society.And to express themselves and find their own talents, you can use a variety of ways.Some people build a career, improve their professional skills.Other personalities involved Hobbies.Self-expression is through the creation of their image and the interior of the apartment.After all, everything that surrounds a person, he puts a piece of themselves.