Tip 1: How do I know what my character

Everyone is their own idea about the identity of the interlocutor, noting its inherent strengths and weaknesses features.Knowing the character of a person, you are likely to predict their behavior and actions.And what kind of character you personally?
Who are you - an introvert or an extrovert?

introvert - a vicious person for whom it is very important inner peace.He does not like noisy companies do not change their habits and enjoys silence.Introvert tend to carefully analyze all the events, listen to your own feelings and doubts relate to others.He does not like interference in the private life very discreet and all have their own opinions.You closed, stubborn and live in their own world.Your positive traits are restraint, integrity and confidence.Is this statement to you?

extrovert - active and sociable person who can not stand being alone, is not inclined to the analysis and reflection.He needs regular events, fun parties and travel.An extrovert focuses on the circumstances, it can be easily adapted to new developments and trying to take everything from life.If you are an extrovert, then you are perceived as a charming, friendly and executive rights.Your outs may be called the propensity to commit rash acts and come under foreign influence.
What is your temperament?

The nature has a great influence temperament.Choleric - a passionate, impulsive and unstable man, with sharp mood swings.Phlegmatic - calm, cool and slow, but it can work very effectively.Sanguine - active and sociable person, with fast response and high productivity.He can not bring himself to carry out his work uninteresting, it just gets boring.Melancholic - sensitive and vulnerable person.He was stung by adverse events, but also feels good mood of others and can support in difficult times.What is more peculiar to you, irrepressible energy, tranquility, sociability and a high degree of sensitivity?
What are your personality traits?

two identical characters do not happen.Everyone has some positive features and negative.About a man is judged by his intelligence and willpower.There are purposeful and self-sufficient person, and someone shows indifference and lack of confidence.
Evaluate your attitude towards people and work.You can be tactful or rude, honest or deceitful, love to work or indulge in laziness.About a man can be judged by its attitude to life, paying attention to qualities such as optimism, generosity, love and kindness.A striking feature of the character can be called extravagant, creative thinking and leadership skills.

Tip 2: How to find out your account on your home phone

Usually, people just pay the monthly receipts and monitor your phone bill.However, it can be very useful if you, for example, want to pay the bills for the long term or to track spending.
How do you know your account on your home phone
you need
  • - phone;
  • - internet;
  • - computer.
find in the phone book or on the Internet operator, providing services to you, or call the help desk.Calling your number, you can get the necessary information.
If the operator provides such an opportunity, you can find your balance on the company's website in the "My Account".To access the "My Account" you usually need to complete an application and submit a passport in the office customer service.Thus not only provides information about the balance or debt, but also more detailed statistics of calls and services.You will need to enter your username and password to view the data.
Balance can also be found on the answerphone.Their phone numbers can be found in the receipt or on the operator's website.Conveniently, the phone prompts are working around the clock.
Report on the status of your account may point the customer service of your operator.If you do not know your statement, call the help desk, for example, 09. There you can report phone answerphone.
The monthly receipts designated data about what you owe for the previous period, and if it is, how much to pay now and how much you paid before, if you did.
is also possible to opt out of receiving receipts by mail and receive phone bill to your email address.To do this, contact the customer service point of your service.To pay for a ticket, it should be printed.
Helpful Hint
Pay for your home phone, you can at any amount, regardless of how much indicated in the receipt.In this case, the surplus will be credited to your account.The money will be spent in the coming months.But the receipt you still come.It will have a notifying character, in "total payment" will be listed 0.
character - is the individual personality traits, which are formed under the influence of education, the environment and life experience.The nature of man is manifested in his actions, respect for people, events and yourself.
Helpful Hint
How to determine the nature of a constitution?

German psychiatrist Kretschmer proposed that certain personality traits can be found on the structure of man.According to his hypothesis, full of people - cheerful, emotional, and good, lean - sentimental and melancholic, and athletic physique speaks of stubbornness, perseverance and willpower.
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