Show interest to the person with whom communicate.This will help you get the location.More commonly called by the name of the individual, ask questions about him.When a person feels that cares about you, he will begin to feel sympathy for you in return.And for who they like, people are always willing to do a bit more than the others.
pay respect to the man.You should not put pressure on him and to show their intelligence.On the other hand, was taken to from whom you want to get some information to the rank of an expert.Then the individual would rather go to a meeting and you agree to solve your problem.Emphasize the importance of human rights.
Show that person's benefit.If you need to get some action from the individual, stimulate it to do so by a direct or indirect remuneration.Reassure the person that he, too, will benefit, if you will.Compensation does not have to be material.For some people, it is a valuable and praise, honor, gratitude to the whole team.
Speak confidently and convincingly to influence a person with a point of view opposite to yours.Bring a clear argument, do not worry, express thoughts in a logical sequence.Show that you can hear your opponent.To answer his objections no less weighty remarks, but do not argue aggressively.
Infect people own enthusiasm.Focus on the solution of some important problem for you.Think about your idea, let it spark energy and causes a reaction from other people.
Be pleasant person to communicate, then other people will be drawn to you, they want to help and participate in your projects.Watch for their appearance, be careful.Speak in a low voice a pleasant mid-tempo.Keep eye contact with someone, smile, be relaxed.Demonstrate respect for others, try to understand their point of view.