main rule out of an awkward situation - humor.Misfortunes need to ridicule, to turn so that she played you good.Sometimes it is hard to imagine, in fact everything is quite simple.You accidentally spilled coffee on her white blouse at all?"She still I never liked" - so just laugh it off and not feel uncomfortable!Or maybe you would like to transport give way to a girl because she is pregnant, and it turned out that she just plump.Tell me, have forgotten that today houses glasses and did not see what she really slender and beautiful, and still gave her a place.
second rule - never run from an awkward situation, his eyes closed.You do not have enough money to pay at the cash register in the store?So tell the cashier asked to leave items that you need the least, apologize, say misjudged the contents of the purse.Payback for what the missing and awkward situation defeated.Or maybe you oboznalis and cheerfully greeted with a perfect stranger.Do not run away immediately, ask for forgiveness, say that mistake and wished him a good day.At the same time and lift the mood of the other person.
However, there are situations that do not help neither joke nor an apology.Let's say you sat on a bench painted.Now, in any case, have to reach the house striped.But do not forget that the people on the street, even if they look askance at you and grin, see you for the first and last time.You will never meet with them, and it makes no sense to worry about what happened.
Most importantly - do not forget that in the misfortunes of life for all fall.Even if his cheeks burning with shame and do not know where to go, do not forget that this situation will be forgotten soon.Well, perhaps you will remember from time to time.If you have others do not have enough tact and common sense will soon forget about the embarrassment, and they always will remember it to you, then you may want to change the team, because this is not too adequate.