our relationship with the team is built in accordance with the settings that arose and were formed a long time.Part of the plant is taken from the parental home, as the first experience of interaction with others, the others appear later at school age.

In case of persistent problems in communicating with the team are the following reasons.

Oppositions his "I" the interests of the collective

There are people who are psychologically seem to merge with others, they are very clear about their interests, and if you do not try to help others, or at least not to oppose the interests of the collective or individualrepresentatives.

In our case, however, is just the opposite.A man with a persistent conflict relationship with the team initially opposes themselves and others.There is a clear division of their interests and the interests and needs of others, their own benefit and the common good.

If a man drew a picture yourself and the team, then he would have been drawn in the same space of the sheet, and the staff elsewhere, and between them there would be no connections.

inability to enter into a cooperative relationship

In many cases, collaborative relationships can give better results than the sum of individual efforts and almost anyone can put effort into any common cause, while receiving and his personal benefit.

For example, every employee contributes to the work of his organization, but instead receives a portion of the total income of the product or that he could not create one without interaction with other professionals.

In this case, the person can understand it in theory, but in reality it can not relate their interests and the interests of the team, can not enter into a cooperative relationship, where each participant has to work for goals that do not bring immediate benefits to him.There may be a basic conflict.

Our hero is all available means hinder the smooth interaction, causing irritation of others.Often, and it will manifest irritation, but for another reason that has to do something for other purposes.

use the conflict for their own interests statement

In many cases, a person uses conflict confrontation in the team for approval of its importance or realizing their goals.

It's just a way of behavior, which he uses unconsciously and can not change it even if enforces such a purpose.After all, you can ask a person about something, and it is possible to do so, he would have to do it with the help of the conflict and all sorts of manipulation.

Of course, such a person will cause a negative and would be the first candidate for dismissal.

To understand why people do not get along in any collective, it is necessary not only to understand its installation in relationships with others, but also to consider the cause.In many cases, awareness of these reasons will allow many to understand and control their negative manifestations.