To learn age fish , look closely at the rings on its scales, if necessary, for a more precise analysis of their use view with a magnifying glass or microscope.Since the flakes have fish appear at the stage of fry and then grow during a year is enough uneven accumulations occur in some tissues in the form of concentric grooves in a place where the flake "grows" in the skin under consideration fish.Look carefully studied scales fish , and it meant you almost accurately determine its age .As a rule, all the same age fish-scales are thin and translucent, and concentric rings appear only in fish have survived the winter.
Learn concentric circles on the scales, wanting to determine the age fish and understand how many years you have considered fish.Since winter fish hiding in the bottom sand, buried in clay and silt at the bottom of the scales accumulate plaque, which is then visible as a subtle concentric circle.Counts the number of concentric circles, and you can easily learn age fish , while the absence of such circles indicates only that you have studied little fish - it's just yesterday Malek, who have not had to spend the winter in the pond.
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perform certain age and the fish is not only an analysis of concentric circles on the scales, but also take into account the density of the flakes.Every year, each little fish scales under the old, new, slightly protruding in size from under them.So, two years fish you will see dual scales, the fish have a three-year - triple scales.And the older you fry studied, the more it has of these scales.Learn from commercial fish - the size of the otoliths - a solid education, which are responsible for the orientation of the small fish in space.And the denser the data of education, the older fish studied.
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To determine the exact age fishing and fish use and other methods of analysis, examining the results in aggregate.So compare the size of the otoliths in direct proportion to age from commercial fish , with tight seals located on the dorsal fin fish studied .Count the number of colored collars on scales fish, to see how many times a small fish in the pond had to spend the winter, and the combined analysis with all the methods will help you determine the age fish as accurately as possible.
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