you need
  • - tray;
  • - filler tray.
Try to choose when buying a tray such that the animal was convenient to celebrate it need.Filling can take an ordinary, cat litter.
how to walk the pug
first pug can be spread out to sit in a certain place of the corridor newspaper.This should be done after the puppy ate or slept, and when he goes to the toilet is in the newspaper, it should certainly praise him.
How to teach your dog to the toilet
Make a schedule, which will feed the dog.During the breaks the food should be cleaned away.Then the dog and the desire to go to the toilet will appear at a certain time.
pug name for boys
Follow dog.To prevent "accidents" should pay attention to the very first signs that the dog should be in the toilet - pitiful howling and slow walking, the animal may be turned in one place, puffing, trying to leave the room.
How does the Pug
If Pug took a fancy to a certain area as a toilet, but not the one which suits the owners, this place is recommended to wash with chlorine-containing solution that will block the smell.
wash than pugs
Perestelite paper in the tray as soon as the puppy will understand what it all lay on the floor and what to do with it.You can try to fill the newspaper pile filler or sand.After the transfer paper in the tray puppies are usually more willing to go to the toilet, if there is something to pour.