Those living cat almost never wear expensive clothes home.The animal loves to get on his knees and host "stomp", that is to massage the legs, and the claws are not always hides.In such circumstances, should not wear clothes at home, which is a pity to break.

Cats like to scratch

Instinctive behavior

What breed urchat

Cat "marking time" begins when a person takes a sitting or lying position.If the cat is in a good mood, she immediately jumps on his knees and starts to "massage".Most owners like it.But it is necessary to trace the animals, because the movement after a while get a little more intrusive, and claws begin to dig into the body.

why cats purr

This behavior for cats instinctively.Regardless of how old the cat lived in the world, the pet is still partly kitten.Unlike the homeless relatives she did not have to worry about food, lodging, or something else, it does not have any trouble, so full of growing up is impossible.A kitten needs a mother, so the cat is looking for a replacement to her man's face.

Why are so many cats sleep

kitten goes to bed just next to his mother.Similarly, an adult cat is placed next to a man.And jumping on his knees, is a master sit down.If it is thus also begin to stroke, it will take it as if started licking.

Why cats marking

Why movement cat paws "tramplingĀ»

Ā«marking" the cat makes rhythmically, just like a kitten paws touches on the mother's belly while sucking milk.Such movements cause the flow of milk to the nipple.Kitten while still hums loudly with pleasure, and that the resulting sucking milk better to digest, he begins an intense salivation.A cat can just jump on his knees, but without performing the "trampling" movements.This is a sign that the pet owner experiences a boundless confidence.Rumbling is a kind of ritual.Therefore

cat and marking knees host - so she begs extra affection.If the animal is constantly whip from his knees, it will simply be offended and will no longer be suitable to you.But on revenge offended cat it is known to all koshkovodam - it is able to start shit anywhere and wean her from it will be difficult.To offend a cat because the mother in such cases the kitten from him not distilled off and on the person they expect the same.

Another reason why cats can trample on something soft, such as a bed or couch, a desire to lie down to sleep.Yet the cat in origin rather wild animals in nature, they have tried to create a sort of nest.Now, the cat is sleeping on a soft carpet, and even on the bed the hosts, but the instinct of "nesting" remained.