you need
  • - metal combs;
  • - massage brush;
  • - scissors;
  • - kogterezki;
  • - bowls on a high pedestal.
The biggest concern for owners of Persian cats - their luxurious fur coat.It has no hard ostevogo hair and fluff gentle slides very quickly.Problematic places kittens - armpits, neck and lush "skirt" under the tail.Ensure that fluff in these places do not stray into mats.If they still formed, neatly cut out with scissors.However, such a haircut spoils the appearance of a kitten, so you should not abuse it.
How to feed the cat food
Get set for grooming - special metal comb with infrequent teeth and rounded tips, thin scissors, kogterezki.Do not use Slicker - they are designed exclusively for dogs, feline fluff too delicate to handle it.But kittens might like soft massage brush.Combs kitten first on hair growth and then against its growth - it will give a fluffy coat.Encourage your pet safely tolerate daily treatment combs and brushes, especially if you plan to show it at exhibitions.
care for the Persian cat
Many owners, tired to take care of the pet hair, shorn of his - on their own or in salons for animals.This is especially useful in the summer - without their downy fur cat suffers less from the heat.However, little kittens cut is not necessary - it can damage the structure of hair.Wait until the animal is one year old.
separate problem - kitten visits the toilet.The kid is not able to freshen up after a mandrel - you have to help him.Clean lint from under the tail bits of feces and cat litter.Kittens have grown hair around the anus can be neatly cut.
not less of a hassle and requires feeding a pet.That he did not smeared furry collar, get a kitten bowl mounted on a special metal stand.Feed him a balanced complex ready for Persian kittens - it consists of very fine granules and cares about the state of the coat.If a baby after a meal soiled, wipe it with a towel - Persian kittens hard to bring myself up because of the specific structure of the muzzle.