Nature would have it, the very first skills puppy takes over from his mother.She shows him how to behave and defend themselves from anyone.Everything happens at the level of instincts, and therefore intuitive little creature.Man begins to train a dog.The earlier start to do it, the more chances of success.From the very first minutes of the new building permit or forbid your puppy that you see fit.
how to raise a dog wolfhound
training to be successful, it is important to understand your dog.Based on materials from the Internet, books and information received from breeders, study the features of the behavior of the dog breed that you brought yourself.
Karelian Finnish Laika how to raise a puppy
Another important point - repetition and consolidation of skills.What you have taught your dog, it must not be forgotten.
How to raise a Rottweiler
napachkal If the puppy in the apartment to abuse him, and even more so to beat, absolutely useless.We need to take some cloth and wipe the puddle, made puppy.Place in an apartment means special treat, bought at a pet store.Rag is submitted to the street, the next time you go to walk their puppy.He recognizes the odor and make their business where necessary.Perhaps it will not happen on the first try, but be sure to happen.Do not forget to praise and reward your pet if he did the right thing.
What is the Rottweiler
It often happens that the puppy whines in the absence of the owner.It is necessary to move to another room, and the dog is already beginning to squeak pitifully and look for you.With this need to fight.Please go from the bedroom to the kitchen for a minute, then two, five, and so on.Increasing his absence, you train a dog waiting for you.If the puppy whines or barks, wait until it calm down, and only then return to the room.
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Wean the dog barking aimlessly help chokechain.Negative motivation - a very effective way of training.When the doorbell rang, and the dog started barking, lightly pull on the leash and give the command "place" or "sit."Easy jerking the leash will help your puppy learn commands "impossible" and "Fu".
Begging pets - a scourge for many owners.It is necessary to sit at the table, and the puppy had twisted under his feet, begging for something tasty.Especially hard for when guests come.Food from the human table is not just harmful, and even dangerous for pets.Ignore the looks and plaintive whining dog.Table for her - a strict ban, which can not be violated.
If you come back from work and find that the apartment a mess created by a dog, then it lacks activity.The animal is simply not on that throw tireless energy.The solution becomes walks (both morning and evening) with obligatory physical activity.Teach your dog to bring a stick, jump over obstacles.If your pet is chewing on slippers or chair legs, buy him a special toy.Dogs - most intelligent creatures, they quickly realize that you can nibble away with and what is banned.
If you just can not solve any problem related to the education of the dog, consult a specialist.The coach taught her the necessary instructions and give valuable advice.