process of character formation

By definition, psychologists, a man's character - is an individual set of personality traits that define a person's attitude to everything around him and manifested in acts committed by them.

most basic, basic traits of character are laid in early childhood, we can confidently say that in 5-6 years the child is sufficiently formed character.Already in the second year of life, boy or girl shows adult endurance and stamina, and 3-4 years of life the child already formed and business properties. All signs communicative tendencies manifested in the age of 4-5 years, when the child begins to actively participate in role-playing games in the group of other children.

While studying at the school, the process of the formation of character, but if younger students maximum influenced by parents and teachers, then starting from the middle-class kid growing listens to peers, but in high school again become important assessmentrecommendation adults. In this age the young man greatly influenced by the mass media.

Later character will vary somewhat based on personal meetings with other people at an older age, some personality traits change again, but for different reasons.

50 years if a person is on the border between the past and the future, ambitious plans for the future life he no longer builds, but also immerse themselves in the memories yet.After 60 years, people are clearly aware of the value of both past and present, he appeared leisurely and measured in discussions and actions, even if before such qualities were not inherent.

Can an adult to change your character?

After reaching thirty years, fundamental changes in the nature is extremely rare, but still change itself is never too late.The man at any point in life can affect the traits of his character, who does not like himself, for this there are many techniques, but the main thing - the decision to change must be voluntary and informed.

In such a situation will largely systematic approach.On a separate piece of paper it is necessary to write out those traits that cause irritation, and next to each write what they appear.Weighing all that is written, the person will be much easier to control themselves and avoid further unwanted actions on their part.

The formation of character - a long, complex, and get rid of the unpleasant traits will not be easy, but still possible, and not particularly comfortable people will feel during the first week after the decision.When the control of undesirable traits will become a habit, to watch their behavior is much easier, and the man himself does not see his life and his family life will change for the better.