you need
  • tickets to the theater, exhibitions, film, CD with mantras for meditation.
Take a day off or a holiday, and radically change your usual environment.Take a trip out of town, spend time art (visit exhibitions, theater, historical tours, and so on.).Change the usual course of events, even for a short time will make look at your life from a different angle.
Take relaxation.If you have never practiced meditation, it's time to try.Stay alone with himself, choose appropriate music for meditation (on the Internet there are mantras for every taste), which is located on the bed (the floor, a chair, a special mat, etc.), giving up all thoughts and focus on your own breath for15-20 minutes.It is important that you have nothing and no distractions.
Arrange "sweet" day.Chocolate and sweets of all kinds increase the content of happiness hormone in the blood and significantly improve mood.You can pamper yourself interesting taste of tea with ginger or a new variety of coffee.
Arrange shock therapy.This will help you cheer up and get rid of the monotony and pessimism.To increase the adrenaline in the blood may be a parachute jump ("bungee") or visit the City Ferris wheel.And if you - people who do not like risk, it will be enough to do without him.Allow yourself something to limit myself.For example, meet for a long time like a girl (guy) povzdorte with neighbors whose repair has been going on for ages, etc.
Work out.Exercise - the best way to get rid of emotional tension and stress.Choose a sport that you like and join a section or at the gym (fitness club).Buy a ticket at least a month.Do not use one-time payment - it relaxes and relieves of responsibility.
Get a novel.Mutual heartfelt emotions can cause only tears of joy instead of despair and sorrow.