Think about whether you have the idol of the celebrities.Maybe someone from the politicians, scientists, creative people have inspired his biography.If another person's success story has inspired you to choose a certain type of activity, changes in the nature, location, turned your world, it means that this person has affected your destiny.
Maybe you spent a large-scale reassessment of values ​​in life after watching some movie or read a certain novel.For this you need to thank the writer and the writer.They told their own ideas to guide you through your creativity and help you become a better, stronger, wiser, smarter.At the same time, you should pat yourself on the susceptibility of the arts, and be glad that you can learn from others' mistakes and learn from the experience of others.
happens that the first teacher or the class teacher in high school has had on the life of his ward's considerable influence.Try to remember what ideas promoted by teachers in your school, and think you now practice these views.It may be exactly what a teacher has influenced you and made a contribution to your future destiny.Maybe you have a good choice of profession was made thanks to the charisma of the teacher of a specific subject.
your family members, especially parents, can have a big impact on what kind of person you become.Not only in early childhood, mom and dad are the bosses for their children.With age, people unconsciously adopts some principles, habits, mannerisms, addictions of their parents.Therefore, when thinking who changed your life, do not forget about relatives.
With the birth of the child in a person's life can change a lot.With the advent of the son or daughter, especially the first-born, much overrated.The world can stand on its head.Both women and men are changing, becoming parents, and this transformation perfectly.With the beginning of a new period in the life of the character can be improved.Man ceases to be self-absorbed and careless.
If you want to determine what the person has had on your destiny significant impact, analyze their lives.Think about whether there a turning point when your mind is changed abruptly, and at the same time there are new traits and habits.Surely fatal events, after which you feel the other person, did not occur by themselves.They could take an active part of the individual.By logical reasoning can understand who he is.