order not to lose the friendship and keep the workplace, you need to build up a relationship with a friend, boss.Draw the line clear communication, friendship should not interfere with work.For starters forget about pretty funny nicknames and Treatment "you".
Be prepared for the fact that a change of environment and a girlfriend in her life will include new people.Most likely, because of the new responsibilities, she will not be able to pay you a lot of time.Do not take offense and do not be jealous, just wait out this period.Think of it as a test of your friendship.
not use friendly relations with a new boss for personal gain.Do not expect much less demand from her personal privilege.Do not be offended if the most promising and profitable projects will go not to you.Do not be late and do not arrange themselves unscheduled time off without warning.
Work tempo, do not be lazy, hoping for a condescending attitude.In turn, the girlfriend-boss does not have to require from the slave-girlfriend more than other employees.
no need to use working time for informal discussion with a friend, boss, especially to do it demonstratively.Familiarity will put it in an awkward position and jeopardize your relationship.Besides frequent talks "heart to heart" distract from the work process, which causes fair discontent superiors and provoke hostility team.
kept secret known to you the details of his personal life and weaknesses of the new boss.Disclosure of other people's secrets will not help you move up the career ladder, but easily ruin the friendship.By the way, to work "undercover" friend-boss does not stay, equal respectful relationships - the best option for this situation.
For various reasons, you may not like the style of work of high-level friends.Leave criticism for emergency situations, express their opinions quite well.In turn, do not rush to take offense at the comments boss, review said, perhaps justified criticism girlfriend.
Unfortunately, friendship in such a situation often endurance test ends.Sometimes the final familiarity ex-girlfriends accompany very scandals and stormy showdown.Only tact, human decency and well-established relations will help to keep the friendship of two colleagues.