Practice to undress in front of a mirror at home.Fold smile, focus and act out a scene with myself, "At the doctor's."Porepetiruyte as you come to the doctor, what do you think.Undress, watching in the mirror, what you have in this expression.Evaluate how you undress: if this does not occur with an exaggerated theatrical determination as a love film programs or, conversely, with a tremor in limbs and voice, as before his execution.
invited to a consultation of a close relative, friend or neighbor.Tell them about your complex and find out whether they are faced with a similar problem.Have to tell and show how they undress before the doctor.Note what level of confidence, the pace and the emotions they do.
loved ones can ask to help you rehearse undress.Ask someone to play the role of a doctor assess your nudity and comment on the shortcomings.
Pomonitorte online forums, find people with the same complexes, read about their experiences and ways of solving problems.In the circle of their own kind is palpable support and easier to develop their own confidence and begin to act.
Challenge yourself.Designate trip to the doctor is not just as the need to undress, but also as a chance to prove to yourself that you can.Go to the reception with the thought: "Now I'll show you!".Promise yourself a little gift when, if all goes well and you do not zardeetes.
If you are a hopeless skromnyaga not accustomed to climb into the breach, have to go with you to the reception of a loved one.Be sure to select a confident, easygoing, friendly and quiet man.
Most people are not even aware that the fear of undress in front of a doctor is not in the imperfection of the body, and ugly underwear or "arrow" on the toe.Before going to the doctor to thoroughly clean up from head to foot, shaved, tidy nails, put on fresh clothes neat without holes and fixes.Take along an extra set of clothes to wear it to the office, if you sweat on the road.
Treat the problem with humor.Come to the reception in advance, read in anticipation of the Cabinet jokes.Tension that is urine smile, put a couple of jokes during the inspection.Fun is contagious, and if you behave like fun, you really feel yourself so.And where there is laughter - there is no place for fear.