Tip 1: How to become a more balanced

stress, tension at work, home care - all leans snowball.And TV crushes negative news.And the person becomes irritable, aggressive or on the contrary, whiny, breaks down for nothing, and he himself then reproaches himself for the momentary weakness.Self-blame again leads to stress.How to break out of this vicious circle?

How hard is it to be quiet!

Doctors beat the alarm: the number of neuroses progressively increases, and a large proportion of the world's population is on the verge of a mental health standards.The rhythm of life in metropolitan areas is accelerating every day growing list of unrealized plans, provoking an inferiority complex, leading to a nervous breakdown.

calm, able to control the emotions of people around less.And if others are honest with yourself, admit it: most of these lucky is not "cold-blooded" by nature, and just learned to control myself.So others can comprehend this science.Especially that negative emotions do break down, leading to a number of serious diseases.And the ability to "let off steam" without shouting and causing moral beating on the contrary, strengthens the immune properties of the organism.

extremes are pernicious

Search "golden mean" psychologists call one of the main conditions for gaining peace of mind.Indeed, simple observation shows that the same miserable and lazy, and workaholics;and selfish and altruistic.We must love his job to take place in the profession.But not "fanatet" at work.Otherwise around very quickly get used to what you are willing to take on their responsibilities and begin to actively use it.And soon, the burden would be simply unbearable, you begin to take it out on colleagues, and they were surprised to note that you are not the same, not the same.

Sometimes it is quite explicitly stated its terms of reference and the work will not be drudgery.Well, if you come not for his work with the team or not made up, it is better to change everything: the unloved thing sooner or later "finished off."And if you stay, - correctly plan the day.Fewer empty talk, gossip, more than specific cases.All have time, will be happy with him, and the boss will notice your labor enthusiasm.

Again - not overdose!Relax fully, otherwise it will not help, and the family will suffer, and health buckled.At night, we do not get enough sleep, but you can take a nap in the bus or the train, - use.Read guides to auto-training, there is a lot of useful recommendations.

amazing - next

But often transport itself becomes a source of neurosis.If it passes the brink acceptable, it is necessary to look for a job closer to home.
Many are not able to share experiences, are afraid to open up, hoard a negative, which is fraught with almost inevitable explosion of emotions.But there are special services: helplines, psychologists, which will give professional advice or just to listen.Do not spare the time.

Sports - the natural outlet of accumulated negativity.Options: chalet business, forest walks, fishing, shopping.Just a change of scenery: boarded a train, a ship and drove aimlessly.They communicate with people, listen to their stories, and sighed with relief when compared with their problems your - little things in life!

Tip 2: How to be a balanced and calm person

Unfortunately, depression, anxiety and unfounded fear, nervous breakdowns become constant companions of modern man.The large flow of information, often negative, intense work schedule affect the mind, and stay balanced and calm, to adequately respond to the problem becomes much more difficult.
How to be a balanced and calm person
Organize your life.Think convenient schedule.Alternate mental and physical labor.Of course, you should not go to extremes and follow a schedule every day religiously.Persistence least in the mode of the day gives you inner peace and stability.
to commune with nature.On weekends, take the exit to the forest, to the country.Walk more, look at the flowers, the trees - it calms.At home and in the office planted some houseplants.The interior choose natural colors - blue, green, light yellow, light brown.Get a pet.Care and concern for it will bring joy and satisfaction.
watch your diet.The body must get all the minerals and vitamins.For example, the lack of trace elements such as magnesium, can cause fatigue, anxiety, feelings.Take care of the full sleep at least 8 hours a day.Lack of sleep is often the cause of excessive irritability.Avoid alcohol.Excessive consumption of alcohol destroys the psyche.Instead of bad habits meditate, yoga.
Filter incoming information.Minimize watching TV.Instead, thrillers and horror movies watch comedies, read a humorous piece.Focuses on the interesting things for you.Spend more time enjoyable for you business, get an interesting hobby.
Stop and think if there was an unpleasant situation, and you realize that you can not control your feelings.Maybe 5-10 minutes, the same problem will seem unworthy of such experiences.
Consider their emotions.Explain yourself, what caused your irritability.If you are angry with someone, put yourself in his place, try to understand why people did so.
Respect yourself and others.The inner confidence, Dignity to you by others over time will give your character and equanimity uravnoverennost.
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