First, you need to find out why students laughing classmates.As a rule, subjected to ridicule white crows, that is, children who for one reason or another stand out from the crowd.This is a normal social reaction that exists in many groups, but it is the children it manifests itself most clearly, as they still do not understand many things.
This does not mean that you have to somehow limit their hobbies or appearance.Just you need to adapt to the new conditions that await you in the team.Well, if you go to a new school where no one knows you.Then you do not hang the goods Buda stereotypes, and you will be able to show themselves with the party with whom you want.
If you just go to the next class and do not want to laugh at you, then the work will have more, because you've learned with these guys, and they know how you behave in this orother situations.But it will be easier, because you know the nature of their future classmates.Not always, of course, such perceptions are correct, but you at least some idea what will come across.
First of all, you need to become stronger.Above the strong people, few laughs.But the question here is not only the physical form (though it is somewhat important), but the power of the soul.If you can endure ridicule and any hurtful words in his address, the offenders will soon get tired of it, because you did not respond.
You should always be able to fend for themselves.Answer the giggles when they really hurt you and show that you are not born yesterday.Children tend to offend those who can not fight back.One has only to observe serious resistance as the pressure subsides rapidly.But do not be like the oppressor, come up with another way, you will be able to answer them.
Find friends.The more friends you will have, the less chance that will laugh at you.Offend one person is much easier than a few.If you enlist the support of other classmates, the mockery of the will be forgotten.
Pay attention to your behavior.In a society do not like people who have a lot of "show off" and boast of his position (especially when it is not deserved).In addition, few people like liars and Yabed, so always think about what you say.If you have rich parents, do not look at other guys with high.If the financial position of your family is not too good, it is not necessary to curry favor with more affluent children.