If you fly over the ocean and your flight will last about half a day, then you're in luck.During this time, even on the ground, many manage to not only meet, but to love one another.But we consider the case of express dating suggests that the left you have only an hour and a half.
Use a small trick and beat the women in everyday use the stereotype that all women - a coward.Even if you are an instructor in parachute jumping, or spend half my life on airplanes, pretend you're afraid of heights.Defiantly ask a flight attendant to bring you water to wash down the pill "fear."Then pretend to be nervous and during take-off from a neighbor ask permission to hold him by the hand, citing the fact that you may start to panic.
As you know, panic disorder is expressed in uncontrollable actions.Therefore, it is quite natural, if you'll not only hold his hand, but utknetes head in his shoulder.But do not forget to bring yourself to the starting position when the plane takes off already, now your task - to play a significantly embarrassment.
Move over from a neighbor and apologized for his behavior, tell him that you're really not such a coward, which may seem.As an example, tell him about some heroic deed committed by you while having one of the extreme sports or in an exotic journey.
No man will not be interested in a special, has the widest range of human qualities, he is certainly interested in you and start up a conversation, and it is here that you have and try to make it not disappointedto you!