Be able to discern insulting provocation.Sometimes people deliberately trying to get you out of yourself, that you brought in a bad light before the others, descended to his level, they said too much, turned out to be guilty, or performed some other tasks attacker.If it is obvious that you are superior to your opponent on the moral and intellectual qualities, takes you to the usual quarrels may be the only chance your opponent to deal with you.Do not succumb to such manipulation and do not rush to react to the insult.
When hurt your pride, your indignation is understandable and fair.But you will agree that this is the first, unconscious reaction.Think a little, as if it matters to you the opinion of the individual.If you do not need to argue, to prove that you're not like about you responded, then did not instigate a scandal, do not respond in kind.What you do not expect you will demonstrate the reaction, and remain calm and not to leave the conflict say about you as a person with dignity.
Do not let a stranger to deprive you of the joyful mood.Do not let him pull yourself out of balance.He has no right to influence your psychological state.Look at the insult from this side.Some personality unceremoniously trying to break into your reality, to play a role in your life affect your mood, health, self-esteem.In your power to prohibit entry into your consciousness and mentally put a psychological block against the offender.
If you offend an acquaintance, colleague or family member, you can simply stop communicating with this person.Nobody will force you to continue to communicate with the rude, angry boor.If you just will deter all sorts of contacts after such aggressive behavior, the truth is on your side.Try to surround yourself with bright, cheerful, friendly, open and sincere people.From those friends and relatives you do not have to wait for the humiliation and insults.
Do not get too sharply react to the phrase spoken in your address.Sometimes there are ambiguous situations, when a person did not want to offend you, but you because of the suspiciousness properly explained to his words.In addition, sometimes necessary to do a discount around the circumstances.After all, in a tense atmosphere at the end of a hard day or because of unpleasant events one can break you, not to you personally with any claims.Of course, it is in any case should not completely justify unrestrained boors.But you will certainly be easier if you realize that the insult was made in fact not in your address.