Mastering the principles of the adult world begins with the birth.The child is still unable to walk and talk perfectly understands what is at stake.It absorbs not words, and the reaction of parents to have Comrade things.For example, the relationship mothers and fathers become the benchmark for future life.Their behavior will change then, but it's worth a look at them, even when the baby does not go and see some family in the future to build a toddler.
a child, there is a lot of psychological trauma, such as fear, deep resentment, which affect the whole life of man.Having experienced this once he could no longer think, as before.For example, parents' divorce, the death of someone from relatives can be such a moment.Because of this the soul is formed by a huge guilt, a sense of abandonment, which will manifest itself in many different aspects of life.
At the very young age shaped attitudes toward money.Even before people get their first ruble, he will see and understand that my mother thinks and feels about it.If she has a fear of money, she considers them evil and a threat to security, and its descendant necessarily receive the same treatment.It may not be obvious, but remain in the subconscious, but if such a setting exists, a lot of money in my life matured person still will not.There is a transfer of labor power, which makes it difficult to be realized.Learn about its possible presence on the psychological training or receiving specialist.
formed in childhood attitude to work.If the kid is always busy, he has responsibilities at home, it grows hard working.It appears that the awareness of the need to do something to be successful.If the child is pampered, protected from work in a few years he will avoid it in many different ways.There are many examples when the family tried not to burden their child, and then to old age had to feed him, because he did not want myself to do something.
Certain classes also form responsibility.If a child caring for animals, helping in the education of younger children, he begins to realize that this being depends on it.In the future it will help to build relationships within the family, with their own kids.The girl at the same time learning to be mothering abilities, the man begins to realize his power, assumes the protection of the weak.The lack of such experience deprives a person of the possibility of knowing that others need care, are helpless.
child usually receives better not what adults say it, but the fact that he sees himself.He takes the example of the people who live nearby.All images obtained in the childhood form the world.And it would be relevant to a variety of things, and even those about which parents are never mentioned.