What to choose fabric for sewing linen

If you decide to sew your own bed linen, before you buy everything you need to be solved, the tissue from which you want to sew.First of all, it should only be natural.For normal, everyday use suitable cotton fabric: calico, calico, cambric, flannel, etc.- It is the traditional materials of sew bedding.

They are inexpensive, but well matched to the requirements which must provide you a deep sleep: perfectly breathable, absorb moisture well erased and do not deform in the wash, iron, and quite durable.More "solemn" and are durable satin, jacquard and percale.Special strength and durability is different county.Out of competition, including cost, silk, which warms the skin in the winter and cool in the summer gives her in contact with the laundry. of cotton fabric satin special strength is different, these fabrics are usually designed for 200 washings without losing quality.

How long will the material

Calculate how much material you need for tailoring the required bedding.Very convenient to use a fabric width of 2.20 m, in which case you do not have to sew it on your sheets and duvet covers no seams.You should only take into account the width of the bed and sew sheets and duvet covers to take width and 3 to add another 150-200 cm hem. Consumption fabrics for sewing pillowcases calculated separately taking into account the size of pillows.

Where to buy material for sewing bedding

in conventional stores "fabric" material for sewing linen is not always possible to buy.But, oddly enough, in a small shop in the central market, often sold natural fabrics from Russian manufacturers, intended for sewing of bedding, including cotton, linen, blended fabrics, such as cotton and silk satin.There is a rich selection of colors, among which you will always be able to choose what is suitable to the design of your bedroom. When choosing fabrics give preference to Russian producers of materials, high quality distinguishes products that offer, for example, Ivanovo factory.

Special fabrics for bedding can be bought on the Internet, on sites offering such materials, which are manufactured both in Russia and in the countries where cotton is grown - India, Pakistan.On the Internet you can buy and linen Belarusian production, quality and very durable.