practical homeowner will use any material.This applies to the broken bricks.These stones come in handy for a variety of purposes, including for the improvement area.

How to use the bout bricks?

be understood that the bricks can be different.The most durable stones - silicate.If the red brick is able to break down fairly quickly from the effects of moisture, white for years to retain its shape and properties.Therefore, for road filling can only use lime.Fight brick is very suitable for this type of work, because in just one season, "rolled" and forms a smooth dense coating.Crushed stone and gravel, in contrast, will be able to seal the road due to the state only after 2-3 years.

broken brick, regardless of whether he or silicate ceramic is an excellent filler concrete.But before laying in the cement-sand mortar large stones to grind.Not to be mistaken with the size of the fragment, you need to focus on the performance of the middle fraction - 20/40 mm.Concrete Filled brick suitable for pouring foundations and slabs.

With broken bricks compacted pit during the installation of poles for a fence or other structures.When the support is already installed in a recess in the ground, its vertically aligned and produce dumping sand, crushed stone or gravel.These stones can be easily replaced by brick.Dumping thoroughly tamped, constantly taking care to pole remained upright position.

In recent years become popular such protections as gabions.They are metal mesh mounted as rectangles of various sizes.These tanks are filled with a variety of stones, so that they form a solid durable fence.The gabions can lay bricks fight.And the size of the fragments in this case does not matter.

How to use brick battle for decorating site?

With the debris of bricks you can decorate a garden plot: to lay track, place your beds, pour in the places where during the rains formed puddles.For the device paths recommended to choose moisture resistant bricks (lime).Suitable and ceramic, but in 2-3 years, when these stones raskroshatsya, will need to make additional podsypku of broken bricks or gravel.If around the house is made of concrete blind area, you can decorate with a thin layer of small fragments of red and white bricks.