Tip 1: How to make lampshades

If the old lampshade has worn, do not rush to throw the lamp.For it is possible to make an amazing accessory of filaments, paper, plastic bottles and even plastic spoons.

let it burn "Pineapple┬╗

To turn an old lamp in a vintage thing, do not need special materials.If you have accumulated several disposable spoons, left over from a picnic, and there is a round 5-liter bottle, then fine.

Take her, cut the thick neck and bottom.With scissors to separate the cuttings from the spoon.They do not need.When cutting, leave 2 cm stalk on each spoon.Paint the outside of the curved yellow paint.Allow it to dry

Starting from the bottom of a plastic bottle, stick a spoon to her that part was painted on top.For this smear glue for plastic ones remaining 2 cm of the cutting and attach to the base.After bonding the first row and move to the second cover spoons full plastic bottle.

Their paper green cut ring, an inner hole which must match the diameter of the upper section of a plastic bottle.Use scissors to make the outer edge of the paper ring zigzag.It will leaves pineapple.But they were still little.

the same paper cut into strips with a sharp curved edge and insert them into the upper opening of the bottle, to which had already been put on a zigzag ring of paper.Lampshades "Pineapple" is ready.

To avoid fire, use LED or light bulb low power.This applies to almost all home-made lampshades.

from the same plastic bottle is easy to make a lampshade that simulates colored glass.Cut her "shoulders."The lower part is not needed.Draw more ovals on plastic.Now cover sealing their borders.When it dries, apply silver paint on it, and inside multicolored ovals walk.

Cut thick neck and install a new lamp at her robe.

Artwork from threads

If you want to lampshades had a round shape, then inflate the balloon and tie it to keep air out.How big it will be, this will be for light apparel.Now wind the thread on the ball.It can be silk or wool.

After this, take a brush and dipped it in PVA glue, put it on a thread.Leave the future work of art, so that it had dried for several hours.

Now you need to remove the ball.To do this, simply pierce it.Then make a hole the right size top and bottom of the sphere.The ball is easy to get, and the thread is now necessary to cover with paint.

better to take for this brilliant acrylic - silver or gold.An hour later, after the paint is dry, sew the upper and lower openings lace.Lampshades, made by hand, ready.

Tip 2: The original lamp shade for table lamp with his hands

beautiful lighting solution - this is an important moment in the decor of the room.Quickly freshen the interior without significant financial investments can make a new original lamp shade for a lamp.He will make a special touch to your living space.
The original lamp shade for table lamp with his hands

lace lampshade

to create this lampshade for a table lamp you need a frame from the old.You can decorate as a metal substrate, and smooth plastic.Wrap the frame large newspaper sheet and zamnite it at the top and bottom.Remove the sheet and cut out a piece.Try it again and adjust the size.

fabric d├ęcor elements are selected to meet the requirements for coverage areas.If you need a bright light, use a thin cloth and transparent, and to fit the shadows dense material.Attach the pattern and make a newspaper blank fabric based allowances. Originally will look at this pleated fabric lampshade.She will light volume due to the effect of an accordion.

Wrap frame prepared cloth, string and fix it, having turned to the back side.On a metal frame material may be sewn thread, and a plastic hot-glue adhesive.

On paper the pattern make another piece of guipure.Secure the top of the lampshade covered with fabric.If you want, you can make a lace detail a little bit longer than the pattern, then it will be beautifully draped on the lampshade.

Shade of beads

original light and transparent lampshade can be made using beads and bead supplies.Made of aluminum wire frame for a lamp or use the old one.Paint with acrylic paint and brush or spray foundation in the perfect color.It will be clearly visible through the decorative elements.

If you want to make an interesting texture to the metal frame, wrap each wire separately with toilet paper, periodically soaking it in PVA glue.When the glue is dry, paint with acrylic paints basis for the lampshade.

on a long piece of fishing line nanizhite different size beads, interspersed them with beads.You should have a long thread.On both sides of the ends leave the fishing line, so that they can be locked on the metal frame. for such decoration lampshade you can use ready-made yarn with beads, jute rope, narrow ribbon or braid.

Tie one end of the fishing line to the upper range of the lampshade.Wrap the entire structure through the upper and lower circles.Winding density adjust to your liking.Complement the decor of the lampshade can be by attaching the bottom edge of the frame drop-shaped pendants.Just Pass through a hole in them a piece of fishing line and attach them to the metal circle.Cut the protruding edge of the line and oplavte them not blossomed thread and some jewelry.