First of all, it should be noted that the snakebite does not always lead to the poisoning of the body with poison.For example, a viper venom is not isolated in almost 25% of bites and cobra - approximately 50% of cases.But if the snake venom, yet has been injected into the human blood, it can immediately be adversely affected, directly or indirectly affecting all of his vital organs.Attention!Not always snake venom can be dangerous for humans!Some types of poison does not affect the person, and some lead to death within a few seconds.
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There are several ways to identify a poisonous snake, but is entirely relying on them in any case it is impossible!If the snake bite was the place to be, then you need to urgently take all necessary measures for first aid.So you can recognize a poisonous snake on the following grounds.
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Firstly, the most venomous snakes have a bright color of your body.Usually harmless snakes are painted in the colors of the same type and can have one or more longitudinal stripes from head to tail.Poisonous snakes can also have a variety of patterns in the form of diamond shapes, spots, tiger stripes cross, some figures (such as "points" on the hood a cobra).Some poisonous snakes on the body are bright flecks, circles, colored blocks of irregular shapes.There are also two-colored poisonous snakes: the first half of the body is painted in one color, and the second - in the other.
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Secondly, it is believed that a poisonous snake can be distinguished from non-toxic in the form of her head.Allegedly, at first it has kopeobraznuyu shape, while the second - a round.However, this rule is not always confirmed.Some zoologists say that is not always the heads of poisonous snakes have a spear-shaped or triangular head.Therefore, only rely on this sign of danger!However, according to statistics, many (but not all) of venomous snakes head, indeed, have the shape of a spear (the triangle).
Third, from poisonous snakes between the eyes and nostrils there is a small dimple - a kind of groove.This heat-sensitive channels.It argued that pupils from non-poisonous snakes have a rounded shape, while poisonous - elliptical.This, of course, true, but not fully.For example, cobras and Boomslang pupils, too round, but this snake - one of the most poisonous in the world.
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In conclusion, it is worth noting that no single characteristic trait, which would differ from the non-poisonous poisonous snakes, there is simply no!An exception may be only the presence or absence of sickle teeth and poisonous glands.But the difficulty lies in the fact that these bodies can not be detected from a live snake without a potential risk to their lives.In this regard, the only reliable way to recognize venomous snakes is the familiarity with poisonous and non-poisonous snakes in their region through the scientific literature, medical sources, the Internet.