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If you consider the magnitude of claws depending on the animal's body, in most cases it can be seen proportional to size.For example, among the largest representative cat is a tiger, and among the bears - Alaskan brown and white bears, respectively, they have claws more than other types of families.

Among herbivores and omnivores claws size depends not only on the size of the animal, but also on his life.For example, carriers daunting long claws among omnivores are great anteaters, giant armadillos;At the same time, sloths can not be called great, but for their size, they have huge claws.

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The rankings animals with long claws, were taken into account in the food preferences of the animal and its vital functions.It is necessary to raise the basic physical parameters of the animal - it will allow to estimate the length of the claws relative to body size.Sloths - herbivores.Their body length is about 60 centimeters.They spend most of their lives in trees, their claws are an indispensable tool for moving through the branches - they reach 7.5 cm in length. fossil sloths - megatherium had huge claws - up to 17 cm in length.Thus he megatherium weighed several tons with a body length of about six meters.

Big anteater can be called omnivorous.The length of its body reaches 1.3 meters, and five-toed paw claws on an incredibly sharp - up to 10 cm in length!However, they are not drawn, because of what Aardvark has to bend leg and rely on the back side.It uses claws to destroy the anthills and termite mounds, as well as protection.

Komodo dragon - the biggest beast of all the members of the family varanovyh predator.The length of the body 1 to 3 meters and their claws can grow up to 10 centimeters in length.It uses claws to move on surfaces for attack and defense. largest Komodo dragon specimen (the second title of lizard), caught in the wild, had a length of 3.13 meters and a weight of 166 kg.

Tiger-large predator cats.The length of its body can reach 2.8 meters.His razor-sharp claws and reach a length of 12 centimeters.Tigers claw like trees - to these labels can determine not only the habitat of the animal, but also its size.They may involve the claws in pads.

The largest representatives of the family bear is white and brown bears.The length of both species up to 3 meters.Their size may vary from clutches 12 to 15 centimeters or more, depending on the size of the animal.

Battleship is an omnivore, its length is 1 meter, with half the length of the tail accounts.It has a very large claws - on its front legs, especially on the third finger, they can reach a length of 20 cm, which is a record in the animal world.It uses claws to protect and create burrows.

As a result of the comparison can be summarized as: the battleship is the owner of the longest claws, but when you consider the ratio of body length and size of the claws, sloth goes after him in the tracks.