pygmy marmosets

This is an amazing creation, like a little gnome, is the smallest monkey in the world and a truly charming creature.She inhabits in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and along the coast of the Amazon.Curiously, the marmoset does not exceed in size a normal protein, but there are individuals and the size of a mouse.The smallest and the most fun in the world monkey grows to just 10-12 cm (without tail).The tail of the dwarf marmosets body length and up to 20 cm. This is a fun creation is just perfect for keeping at home.If you properly care for a monkey, it will please their owners for many years.It feeds this pipsqueak fruits and insects.In captivity, pygmy marmoset is necessary to pamper pumpkin, grated carrots, bananas and berries.In addition, it is necessary to pay the lion's share of his attention.

These miniature fox is considered one of the funniest animals on Earth.They live in the deserts of North Africa, in the central Sahara from northern Morocco to the Arabian and Sinai.It is the smallest canines.In size they concede even domestic cats.Their shoulder height of only 20 cm, and body length - from 30 to 40 cm. The tail Fenech does not exceed 30 cm. The adult weighs up to 1.5 kg.The muzzle of these lovely creatures is short and pointed to his nose, black eyes, and ears - are huge and are the largest of all predators, if you compare them with respect to the size of the head.Since Fenech - desert animals, the 15-centimeter ears he needed to better cool the body in the heat.This great little animal survives in captivity: a small Fenech initially need constant attention and feeding from the hands, and later became an independent fox and less dependent on its host.

These funny and cute dogs belong to the smallest breed of canine and named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where in 1850 and was discovered this kind.We know that the Chihuahua breed has quite a powerful influence on the formation of other toy breeds of dogs.Chihuahua - a compact and high-spirited dog, constantly trembling and shrill, but it all makes it even funnier and sweeter.Typically, these lovely creatures weigh from 500 g to 3 kg, and their growth is in the range from 10 to 23 cm. By the way, the dog of this breed is recognized as the smallest of the living.This Chihuahua named Boo Boo: its growth - 10.16 cm and weighs only 675 g