Find out the cause of the barking

particularly important to understand the cause of barking in the event that such "attacks" began in your dog recently.It happens that uncontrolled barking - a request for help.Inspect the dog.Make sure that it does not hurt.If necessary, take her to the vet.
How to wean spitz barking
Try to change the dog's attention

Use familiar dog the command "sit" and "lie."If your dog started barking - it with the team, "Sit."Be sure to encourage your dog after each instruction execution.Do not count on a quick effect - adjustment dog behavior requires long and laborious work and frequent workouts.
How to wean a dog howling
Enter new team

Select the word that you use as a command.It may be the word "enough", "quiet", "stop", "Silence" or any other short words.Serve this command every time you want to stop barking.Encourage your dog for a command.As a punishment and "deterrence" use water from a spray or ordinary paper, rolled into a tube.
why the dog howls
Never let a dog to achieve the desired using the bark.Very often the dogs are trying to manipulate their hosts by a barking.Thus, the dog may require a treat, ask for a street or to attract attention when she's bored and wants to play.Remember that if you go at this point in the wake of the animal and give the dog a desirable - this type of behavior is firmly entrenched in her memory.Resist the impulse, even if you really want the dog stopped, and the easiest option - to give it the desired result.Be sure to wait until the dog calms down.Praise the dog and Treat anything.Soon your pet will understand that he gets a treat only when silent.
How to teach your puppy to bark at strangers
should be remembered that protect their territory - the natural behavior for dogs.And punish her for it - just is not fair.It should be only slightly correct its behavior.If your pet barks, hearing steps prying the door so that the whole staircase had fiercely hates him - it's time to engage in training.Ask assistants like the stairs, ride the elevator and stamped on the landing.Adjust the behavior of the dog using the command "Stop", "Enough."In the next stage of training have an assistant to pull the door and try to open the entrance locks.Encourage dog barking.Regular holding of such exercises accustom the dog to behave correctly.
Use special collars

collar to the smell of citrus is arranged in such a way that you can control your pet's barking is not even being at home.As soon as the dog begins to bark - the collar of the spill jet of water with the smell of lemon.The unexpectedness of the animal shut up.
There are, of course, and the more radical methods of weaning the dog from barking - electric shock collars, parfors and operation of truncation of the vocal cords.The decision to use such methods, "education", and accepted the host remains entirely on his conscience.