Not every woman dares to wash pillows, especially when it comes to the fountain.Perot laid cleaned at least a couple times a year.Wash pillow anti-stress should be about once every 2 months - if done correctly, it does not lose its shape.But pillows holofayber not like water procedures - wash them only as a last resort.

The cushions of bamboo mites do not start and does not collect dust.They washed about once a quarter - when the stained fabric.Bamboo cushion can withstand up to five hundred washings.

How to wash feather pillows

Before you wash cushion with feather filling, it is necessary to prepare a little bit.Because of the dense fabric make a separate bag for a pen and pour the contents into it napernika - it needs to be washed separately.Dry all must also be separate.Sew a bag with a pen, or later have to collect it throughout the machine.Choose a program for hand washing, or gentle.The detergent - wool or delicate fabrics.The tray can drip softener aromatic oils - 3-4 drops.

bag with a pen to dry better in a place where a lot of sun and wind.Periodically shake the bag to its content does not cake.

How to wash a pillow bamboo

Such products can be entirely laid at the typewriter, if space permits drum.Wash delicate mode at a temperature no higher than 40 degrees, with a very small amount of detergent.Pressing bamboo cushions should not be.Drying their best in horizontal position on a clothes dryer.Similarly, washable anti-stress pillows, filled with expanded polystyrene balls.

Hand wash pillows

to wash feather pillows to pour warm water into a bowl, dissolve the powder in it, thrust napernik and place in water in small portions of the fluff.If you pour all at once, the feathers will fly around the room.Leave a pen to soak for 3 hours and prepare bags of thin fabric - there will have to put pen to dry.

soaked feather portions gather in a colander and rinse off the soap, squeeze and pour into bags.Drying as well as after the washing machine.

Wash pillows holofayber better hand - because the filler is less than straying into lumps.Gel detergent dissolve in warm water, soak for half an hour on the pillow, and vypoloschite not pressing, put on the clothesline dryer to dry.Occasionally shake product.

Pillows anti-stress pillows and bamboo can be washed by hand using a regular soap and warm water.Wash massage, then gently press down pillow so that the water drains off.In the same way, rinse the product and send out to dry.