determine that in your home bred bugs, you can be on several grounds.One of them - footprints on the bedding.They may take the form of drops or lubricated be rounded.The color of these spots usually varies from deep red to burgundy.There are traces of the data when the sleeper turns and crushes bugs.
Note bites present on the body.From mosquito bites marks left by bedbugs, different form.The fact that, unlike mosquitoes, bugs bite several times, leaving marks on the body, resembling the track.The distance between the "steps" of such paths may be up to several centimeters.
bugs, like any other living beings, leave behind traces of your activity.The latter are small black spots and stains on baseboards, furniture and wallpaper.Carefully inspect the room.If you notice numerous clusters of black dots, most likely, in your apartment settled bugs.
presence of bedbugs in an apartment can be determined and specific smell that appears next to the sofas and beds.It is similar to the smell of raspberries perespevshey.
Check that your house settled bugs, you can, arranging these insects "ambush."Typically, these insects are beginning to be active in the night from 3 to 6 hours.If at this time to include in the room light, you can see those insects that do not have time to hide.
Bedbugs are often found in old things, so be careful when buying vintage furniture and antiques.Inspect the surface of such items for signs of life of insects.
Bedbugs prefer to settle in a secluded and hidden from the human field.Pay special attention to cracks in the baseboards, old books, carpets, mattresses, upholstered furniture.If you find insects, contact dezsluzhbu which employees arrive at the site and will drive the professional processing of apartments Disinfestation.It is not necessary to make a separate apartment processing chemicals, as many of them may not be safe for you and your family.
Prepare for the visit of officers disinfestation.Do a thorough cleaning of the apartment, hiding all the little things, which can get in the processing of chemicals.Remove from the floor and walls, move furniture and carpets.Also watch out for, so that the processing premises shall not cause damage to your pet, so the time to remove pets from the apartment.