process begins with the purchase of a new replacement mixer.Bathroom Faucets are sold in the collection, in their set is usually all you need to connect.An exception may be the shower hose and watering can - in some models they are not supplied.

Dismantling mixer

Replacement mixer begins with the dismantling of old.Before you start, be sure to turn off the water.Put the cloth in a bath - it protects the enamel from chipping in the event of the fall of the crane or its parts.It is advisable to close the drain hole plug - it would not lose the details.

Removing the mixer will not require disassembly.It is enough to arm an adjustable wrench and loosen the union nut.Do not forget in the process to hold the body of the mixer arm, otherwise it may fall.Given the considerable mass, it can damage the tile, tub, or even injury.Be careful.

mixers are attached to the pipe does not directly, but by using special adapters - eccentrics.Their geometry axis is offset from the axis of rotation.This allows them to adapt to the size of the mixer in the case when the distance between the pipes and the nuts mixer does not match.

removing the old faucet, check the condition of the cams.They can be affected by corrosion and require replacement.If they are in good condition, you can use them when a new mixer.

How to unscrew the unions?Inside they have a square hole.It is necessary to insert the tool suitable shape, such as pliers, and remove the cam counterclockwise.If the effort is not enough hands, can be used as leverage pipe wrench.

so doing, you have to be very careful.If stuck with the eccentric, excessive force may break the casing, or even a water pipe.This greatly complicate the situation.If the unions can not be better to call a plumber.

Set mixer

If you have successfully dismantled the mixer and unions, you are ready for installation.First you need to make fitting.Screw the unions for a few turns, but do not tighten firmly.Throw them nuts mixer and note their position.

Remove the clowns, put on a carving seal.The seal can be used as a sanitary linen and a special paste.Do not wind too much, otherwise not be able to screw the adapter on a sufficient number of threads.

Tightly screw unions in the pipe according to your preliminary measurements.Check whether a connected mixer.If everything is OK, put laths, reaching complete.If not, make adjustments.

mixer is attached to the thread of the union nut.They must be placed before installing the gasket kit.The thread, which is attached to the body of the mixer, compacted flax required!

nuts should be tight all the way, tighten the arms.Then using a wrench can tighten half a turn, but not anymore.Otherwise, you can damage the lining and they will proceed.

install the faucet and check the installation, turn off the water supply.Check for leaks.If everything is ok, you can install and connect the spout shower hose.