you need
  • plan daily and general cleaning, skills preservation, attention to family members, the pursuit of cleanliness and order, the ability to cook
Make cleanliness basis of the orderin your house.Timely and regular cleaning will prevent many diseases.In addition, the constant care for pieces of furniture, their useful life.The same applies to household appliances.Follow the instructions for its use.
Make a cleaning schedule.Plan daily and general cleaning will enable efficient distribution of your strength.In addition, because you can keep the house in order.In addition, the current time or do cosmetic repairs in the apartment.
Choose furniture to the apartment so that housing was cozy and comfortable.Consider the layout and size of the premises.In addition, choose the coloring of the interior, using your favorite color of her husband and children.Consult with them in case of important issues.
Encourage your husband and children to comply with the order.For children the best educational technique becomes a personal example of parents.The general desire for purity will lead to a positive result.This is important for both girls and boys.
Make your home has always been cooked meal.This is particularly important if different members of the family schedule and plan the day.The presence of food in the refrigerator will give everyone the opportunity to eat when he comes home.
Make a varied menu in your family.Think exemplary dishes that you will be able to alternate during the week.Be sure to include meat, fish, vegetables, and dairy products and fruit.Since food will be varied and will provide all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.
Watch the things all your family members.Promptly wash them and caress.Avoid accumulation of dirty clothes.It is best to wash small parties than to dedicate a large washing a day.
learn to greet the guests.You should not only be friendly with them, but also, if necessary, be able to quickly prepare a meal.This will help you gain a reputation as a good housewife and a great wife.
Learn the habits of all the members of your family.So you will be able to please their little trifles.For example, to make her husband a morning coffee or bake your favorite cake daughter or son.This will show your love for them and add a few pleasant moments in your life.
devote sufficient time to care for the infield.Constant weeding and watering will ensure a successful harvest.Grown vegetables and fruits necessarily recycled.Home canned delight your family in the winter.