you need
  • - comfortable bed;
  • - well ventilated and darkened room;
  • - your computer is off.
Tune in early awakening.For beginners "larks" and especially for "professional owls" is the most difficult task, because many months, and even long-term habit of work and do business acts as a drug.Sleep begins to want when, for example, accumulated eye fatigue, extinguished the last window in the house opposite ends or a specific TV program.These factors are subjective, but it seems that without the "dose" of sleep will never be.Right in the middle of the working day a break for a moment and give yourself a mental order: "Today, I sleep early and wake up earlier than usual tomorrow.It is necessary for health.It is necessary for me. "
Allow yourself the opportunity to sleep at least seven to eight hours.In preparation for getting up 'with the lark, "should finish the job early.It is even possible to reduce the usual amount of the duties performed.Do not overeat.Do not drink a lot of liquids - not important, tea, juice or compote.Turn off the phone, or at least sound and vibrate it.Well ventilate the room;sleep best temperature - 17-20 ° C at 40-60% relative humidity.Turn off all sources of sound and light.Even the LEDs on the home technology is better to stick non-transparent tape.Be sure to turn off the computer.No, "Dream" and "Hibernate".Only the final and irreversible «Shut down» until morning.Do not look before bedtime militants, thrillers, dramas and other films that cause strong emotions.Better nothing at all to watch and read and walk 15-20 minutes to a nearby park or park.
Check whether the door is closed, whether the off gas and water.Procedure and stored, the same as when leaving the house, with the only difference being that you do not undertake measures for the protection against theft or fire and prevent floods and for their own comfort.
correctly configure the Service.The sound of the alarm clock to wake it should, not just annoying.It is best to put two minutes of the alarm clock with a difference of 5-10.The first - with a repeating melody squeak or complex (preferably not polyphonic), and the second - a sharp common signal, for example, with the sounds of hammer blows on the rail.With the right preparation for sleep wake first, gentle alarm clock, and if too lazy to get up, the second guaranteed to make you jump in bed.
Go to bed and wake up at the same time.Once you organize the space for a comfortable sleep and develop resistance to the habit of waking early, that is, become a real "lark" and, if necessary, can be slightly change the mode.But the first few months it is better not to allow even the five-minute deviation.
Use the little things that contribute to good sleep.For example, a black or dark-blue linen will fall asleep faster.In addition, half a cup (100 mL) of non-carbonated water drunk just before bedtime will facilitate the natural awakening.Of course, you should not have problems with the kidneys and urinary system.
Remember that the division into "owls" and "larks" rather arbitrary, and many specialists hypnotist and does believe that "owls" - a consequence of poor self-discipline.Eat right, not under constant stress and are not forced to look for jobs at night "owl" itself becomes a "lark" for about a month.
Stimulation early awakening all sorts of bonuses (buying a dream trip to rest, and so on. N.) Often does not result.Early falling asleep and waking up are not natural, but part of the race for the prizes.Use of the health deserves no prizes, except actually feel better.The formation of stable habits, in this case, the correct sleep and wake up early, takes about 21 days.Do not be surprised if the first week is not crowned with considerable success.However, if after a few weeks you still difficult to adjust himself to sleep and early awakening, is well to analyze the reasons and perhaps turn to a psychologist.