Setting "I will succeed" on the subconscious, the uncontrolled mind, human level programs to achieve positive results in its activities: school or work.His behavior thus becomes aware, aimed at achieving a success that the situation provokes the expected success.It is necessary to enjoy and enjoy any success, even the smallest and insignificant that enhances the effect of the installation.
installation "I love myself and my body."Repeating this setting in the mirror every day with a joyful smile, a man and a woman usually begins to accept, appreciate and love yourself for what it is.Her behavior became more confident, a full awareness of their female attractiveness and uniqueness.This, of course, is the attention and interest of others to her person.
Setting "I push the misery and do not let them close to him" protects people from negative influences and emotions.By the same installation may include the installation of "I'm not nervous about nothing," which is so important in everyday life, with its stresses and surges.Such a positive attitude can change a person's behavior for the better - it will become a friendly, easy-going, positive, not so sharply reacts to stimuli.
Setting "I draw the material well-being" of man adjusts to real profits.He may begin to look for ways to make money in unexpected ways, and if you believe in your success, success is sure to come.Human behavior becomes more active, decisive, thoughtful.
installation "I am happy" gradually teaches a person to enjoy every moment of life, surprising details and see miracles everyday.His behavior changed for the better and it's obvious to everyone around you - such a person drawn people to it nice and easy to talk to.