Identification of boycott

First of all, it is important to understand for themselves: around, yesterday warmly welcomed a particular person rather warm, can not suddenly change his attitude completely without reason.In such drastic changes certainly had reason to be - that is the one who suddenly found himself in a forced social isolation, could apply, without even noticing, and not giving a similar value.

Experts say that the behavior of those around us is to some extent an indicator of our attitude toward them.They seem to reflect the emotions and feelings that we splashed out on them, and return them as an appropriate response.Thus, each one is given to understand how the line of his behavior is acceptable in a given social environment and does it need in this regard to be adjusted.

Sometimes that surrounds turn away, sometimes provoked by a seemingly small change as human carelessness - in clothes or in the care of their own homes.A considerable number of people is easier in this case to minimize contact with such a slovenly, unkempt individual, rather than make a comment in this regard.In addition to the communication itself, from whom comes the unpleasant smell because of the neglect of hygiene, and things from the wardrobe somewhat similar garment of persons with no fixed place of residence, causes a lot of negative emotions, from which everyone wants to protect himself.

Causes of a boycott by the others as often the oddities of human behavior.For example, aggression, rudeness.However, and changes in the life of the concrete person (in particular, the adoption of unusual for this country religion, change the social circle to more marginal etc.) also provoked condemnation from many people around him.

remedy the situation

Tactics "isolated" person in a similar situation should depend exclusively on its real causes.Do not engage in soul-searching unnecessary and unfounded accusations themselves in any mortal sin, but the real deviation from the normal behavior is not a sin yet to identify and promptly corrected.

So, if an occasion to put it mildly, ungracious attitude of others was the carelessness of man, it certainly should be put in order and themselves, and their own home.After all, there is absolutely no difficulty to make timely cleaning, perform the normal hygiene and wear clean and neat-looking thing.

In cases where the reasons for the alienation of other people at times serious, have to act a little differently.Often, however, it is actually a versatile option would be some correction of their own behavior.It is necessary to slow down the degree of aggressiveness and clarity in communication - and surrounding will also become more benevolent.

If relatives are turning away from a particular person because of his beliefs (religious, political, etc.), or change, there should be the main healer to speak the time.Of course, other people should be possible to speak frankly, discuss the situation and to explain its own position calmly, coolly, without undue emotion.

When this dialogue will not lead to reconciliation or they will generally avoid contact, it is worth, moving from words to action, to prove their own behavior and the adequacy of their warm attitude.It is possible that over time they "thaw."

However, even if the location would be lost forever, the sin of despair and believe that life is over.It is better to look within the internal forces in order to sustain such a terrible situation and finding sources to create a positive attitude.In this case, the forced loneliness hardly lasts too long - it will certainly attract to make new friends and like-minded people who will appreciate his personality and respect him.