Useful things - the enemies of success

Leave your thoughts about what you have to spend all their time exclusively to useful employment.Well, or the ones that seem to be those of your loved ones.Start watching and important to you, but not useful for all cases.Clean the life of imposed priorities and guidelines.

impossible to catch everything

Try to accept the fact that no matter how effectively you're working - the number of cases will always exceed the amount of your time.Moreover, you can not do everything yourself.Learn to devote yourself to the main thing, and the rest charge someone from relatives.

Down perfectionism and paper trash

Remember that these efforts must always be proportionate to the final result.Do not spend 90% of time on something that will, in the end, 10% of the profits.Often, simply in good faith to do something, and not try to achieve perfection.

Free box in a desk specifically for the paperwork.Go there anything that does not require an urgent solution.When the box is full, throw its contents into the trash and start all over again.Remember - 95% of what it is, do not you ever come in handy.In particular, this can be attributed to e-mail.

Terms delegation

Try to make yourself just what can really only do you.As often as possible answer to your question is that most of your life deserves that you spend time on it.In addition, encourage the independence of others.Emphasizes that the qualification - it is not important, it's just the ability to properly perform a particular job.Much more important is the efficiency, because it implies the ability to do what is necessary at the moment.So do what is required, not paying attention to anything else.

Learn to say "no»

Stop being distracted by unnecessary phone calls, e-mails, unwanted offers.Scientists have proved that on average every person distracted every eight minutes.Do not let people take you away from the main.Learn to give up, and do it immediately.The longer you are silent, the more the feeling of the interlocutor that you agree.Learn to refuse politely but firmly, carefully explaining the cause and offering a possible alternative.

Stay time

Get in the habit to end your day after all, do the important things.Do not hammer the rest of the day minutiae, much more effective would be to relax in your free time to begin with fresh forces to new challenges.