Frequency of interruptions directly affect the effectiveness of recreation and future work.It is believed that the human brain can fully concentrate about 30-90 minutes.That is why schools and colleges duration of training is 40-45 and 90 minutes respectively.Then be sure to take a break, otherwise the brain will cease to fully perceive the information.
work and other matters, this principle is also desirable to apply.To do this, there are a number of techniques.One - Pomodoro, based on the frequency and the maximum concentration.Breaks are strictly defined: every 25 minutes of work you need to rest for 5 minutes.After four cycles should be a longer break: 15 minutes.You can alter this technique by itself and install the most convenient frequency.
During the break, you need to relax as much as possible.Of course, to do this in a short period of time is not so simple, but quite real.Wash in cold water, rub the face with his hands, follow a small mimic exercises.Then, sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.Imagine some pleasant environment (for example, sea or mountain).All it will take 1-2 minutes, but it will allow you a good rest.
Another option - a change of occupation.If you worked mostly mentally, try to do some exercise.If your work involves physical activity, then read a book or crossword poreshat.Better yet, change the environment.Go out, get some fresh air or just go to the next room for a few minutes.
big break, use for its intended purpose.Do not ignore or lunch naps.Maybe you will be able to finish some urgent projects during these hours, but then your efficiency significantly reduced.Besides ignoring such periodic interruptions may affect your health.
necessary to properly get out of breaks.It is believed that the brain is able to return to full operation for 4-7 minutes, that is, it must first be dispersed.At the end of the break, start to adjust itself to work, but did not proceed with it.Can you imagine how you will praise the boss.Or imagine what will happen if you do not cope with the request.In general, use the last few minutes of rest to raise the level of motivation.