Be always in a good mood, if you really want as long as possible to stay young soul man.Always find yourself around something beautiful, bright, kind and funny.Nothing of the old man as a cautious attitude towards the world and distrust of him, and on his face reluctance to enjoy life imprinted in the form of permanent frown and sorrowful wrinkles around the mouth.Of course, just to avoid the appearance of wrinkles you have in any case it does not, so it's better it will be coming from the corners of his eyes 'rays' from the fact that you smiled a lot, than typical for ever dissatisfied people vertical fold over the bridge.
Do not allow the mind to be lazy - this somewhat paraphrased a line from a poem by the famous Soviet poet is addressed to people who want to feel younger than their years.Save mental alertness can only be one who is constantly downloads the new information - it is suitable, for example, learning a foreign language with any uncharacteristic for the Russian-speaking person phonetic features.Do not limit your usual route, continually working to expand their comfort zone - it will not allow your heart to become decrepit, as well as sports support your body in good shape.
Stay in shape.Be sure to go for a walk every day, regardless of what the weather is outside.If you have long been engaged in any sport, you may want to diversify their exercise: for example, to the usual training in the gym add stretching exercises.If you have never been friends with the sport, make sure you get some kind of physical activity that you engage in will not be a burden.After a while you start getting regular exercise from a certain pleasure and will regret only that not engage in sports before.
Be open to everything new.Are you sure you will look and feel younger than their chronological age, if you still remain true to the beginning of XXI century, fashion and music 80-90-ies.If you pointedly ignore the new trends, then unwittingly become obsolete at the same time so close to your heart, but it is gradually becoming irrelevant and obsolete his own.