simply forbid myself emotions and feelings, to block them - a cardinal mistake.If you have any sense, then, to have been the base.So to begin with, just let yourself experience the whole range of feelings and emotions;to admit their feelings.Sound words of what you are experiencing is already greatly reduces the degree of experience.Sometimes the phrase, "I'm crazy mad" - is striking a calming effect.

Always remember that there is a difference between emotions and actions under their influence.For example, it is quite possible to be angry.But the suit because of that fight - no longer exists.After recognition of the feelings you need to let off steam.Any negative emotion requires physical discharge.Otherwise, you run the risk of health problems.Trapped inside the emotions lead, such as heart disease.

So look for an acceptable option for themselves the physical expression of anger: perhaps you'll tear the paper, to beat the unwanted dishes or boxing after work.The first discharge of emotion just desired during how you are angry.Retreat if those around you shy.It is better to leave well, if the situation with regard to the relationship a small child: so you do not scare and avoid the possibility to direct their anger at him.Holla hit the pillow - do what you ask your body, as long as you feel that anger weakens.Do not be afraid that it will last forever.Sooner or later you will start to calm down.

for delayed discharge pent-up anger and frustration is perfect any sport.Remember that anger - is the energy that is accumulated in the muscles and you want to spend in your direction.

Another great way to deal with their frustration and anger - humor.Put the situation into a joke, laugh at it;You immediately feel like anger disappears.Humor - a purely human ability, which has enormous psychotherapeutic effect.A man who knows how to apply to everything with a healthy sense of humor, a lot more mentally healthy and secure than the one who always takes everything to heart.

basic rule to tame the raging emotions: allow yourself to experience them and to find their way to express them physically or find a way to treat the situation with humor.