What betrayal Betrayal

made interpreted as a violation of allegiance to anyone or failure of duty to one or another person.Most often you can find a betrayal by a friend or loved one.And at that moment a devotee man thinks that the world is about to float away from under their feet.The sense of betrayal - it was his appearance in the most unexpected moment, and from the nearest person.Trying to predict it is impossible to avoid - too.And even after having gone through it once, you tell yourself that no longer allow this to happen - it is right there, bursts into your life again.Betrayal effect on the human soul, as we know, is destructive.All further actions are driven by emotions, and it is to anything positive does not.But how to deal with them?

How to forgive betrayal

First you need to calm down, sober look at what happened, and then to do anything.But in any case, not vice versa, so you just make yourself worse.It would be nice to understand why a man betrayed you, because there must be a reason.Someone loyal friends, pursuing some selfish goals, someone commits such acts recklessly, while others simply do not realize that whatever action hurts another person.

Understand that the traitor - this is often not an evil man, just weak.Weakness is just easier than anger.It's just that the traitor did not have the strength to give up a certain temptation, so he made a mistake.Perhaps in time he realizes his guilt and apologize to you.Do not keep it evil, and in any case do not try to take revenge on him.Be stronger and higher than this.

If you are faced with the betrayal of a loved one, remember that you can not take the lead role in her life to one man, you need to come to terms with the idea that nothing in this world is permanent, everything ends and everything can be destroyed in a moment.

point is forgiveness of betrayal is to understand why it happened, once you find the answers to these questions, you will immediately become easier.Sometimes it happens that a person can not cope with resentment after the betrayal.Then come to the aid of psychologists that giving you time trying to heal your wounds.

Another big step to forgiveness would be understanding.This is the most difficult to achieve.We must try to understand the man, why did he do to you this way, and then take it for granted.