Analyze all cases, you panic attacks, try to understand their causes and eliminate them.Divide a sheet of landscape into three columns.In the first place title of panic, the second - the possible reasons (fear, aggression, fatigue, etc.), and the third - the symptoms of panic disorder.If attacks occur frequently, it is advisable to keep a diary.He is entered in all cases of panic.Write as you tried to do to improve self-control, and that more help in a given situation.
panic disorder often occur due to conflicts at home and work, with physical and mental fatigue.Learn to deal with recurring conflicts or change attitudes towards them.Be the optimal sleep and rest, eat regularly and diverse, do not abuse coffee, tobacco and alcohol.
Helps also regularly perform relaxation exercises.Turn on soft music, lie back on a flat surface as possible and try to relax all the muscles of the body, from the muscles of the face and head, silently moving down to the soles of the feet.After reaching full relaxation, stay in this position for 5-15 minutes.
During a panic attack, do breathing exercises to slow down to 8 - 10 breaths per minute.Put your hand on your stomach and slowly inhale for three counting, inflating his stomach like a balloon.The chest and shoulders at the same time remain stationary.After inhalation hold your breath for 7-10 seconds.Then exhale slowly and evenly into three account.Breathe like this for 1-5 minutes.When calm down, remove the delay and just quietly inhale and exhale on the one-two-three.
Try to escape from negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones.One way to escape - to conduct account or perform various mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) in mind.In the busiest places you can go by counting the number of children, people in hats, passing cars, etc.
second way to escape - to think of something good, remember the positive aspects of your life, imagine yourself in the lap of nature.Try as much as possible to dive into an imaginary picture - feel the smells, hear the sounds, enjoy the bright colors.
Use positive statements to replace anxious thoughts: "I'll be all right.I am under the protection of higher powers.I feel great. "Think of your statement and repeat it every time you will overcome depression and restless thoughts.