Perhaps your feelings have not disappeared, but just undergone some changes.This happens after a few years of marriage, or simply living together.A strong passion gives way to a more restrained but no less sturdy feel.Maybe it scares you, and you think that stopped loving her man or his girlfriend.Find the courage to adopt a new stage in the development of your relationship.

If you really stopped loving your partner or your partner, think about what could cause this.Perhaps in your pair had some strong resentment, misunderstanding and scandals.The situation becomes more complicated when, together with ostyvshimi feelings comes reluctance to have sex with her boyfriend or girlfriend.

When you perceive the elect or chosen one as a stranger, your feelings may change from complete indifference to hatred.With such emotions is not easy to live.Think about whether you want to continue to be close to him or her.If you decide to try to save your union, you learn to live with unloved man.Perhaps the situation will change soon.

Do not project your feelings on your man or his girlfriend.If you're frustrated, because it is expected that your relationship will be different, the fault lies not only on your partner.The fact that you fell in love with an imaginary image that is your problem.You should not throw out your negative and hurt the young man or woman who appreciates you and wants to be near you.

try to change their attitude.Perhaps now more neglecting your partner or partner.Then imagine that he had gone from you, or the girl you dropped, and your chosen one or the chosen one came another loved one.Imagine that they have found each other their ideals, they fell in love.Imagine how happy they are together.If your soul stir something resembling jealousy, all is not lost.Fight for your happiness.

course, difficult to live without true love.But on respect, understanding, too much sympathy can build a happy relationship.Pay more attention to the dignity of the elect or chosen one.Cease to dwell on what you do not like the young man or girl.Relax and enjoy communicating with my boyfriend.

If a woman does not hold anything with a man other than material wealth, it is better to leave him and seek his true love.When a boy and girl do not have common interests and similar views on life, true feelings, and binds them only a financial interest, from such a union is little chance for a happy future.