draw lessons

Believe me, no errors can not do any career.If you have done something wrong, it is important to make the experience of the situation.Analyze the situation.Think of what causes have influenced what happened, and what you might do in the future in a different way, if you will a similar situation.You should reassure you properly assess what happened, you can see the causal relationships between individual moments and know how to avoid this in the future.

Adjust your behavior.For example, if you accidentally touched someone's feelings, work on yourself, to be more tactful and considerate man.In the future, you try not to offend anyone.If you said too much under the control of negative emotions, learn to control the expression of their feelings.You will become more reserved person and will no longer show their negative emotions.Do not forget to bring a sincere apology to man, and try to fix what is wrought.

Once you spend working on them and changed for the better, the feeling of anxiety that sometimes accompanies shame, shall pass.You will feel more confident and relaxed.After all, sometimes the guilt is partly out of fear that you have crossed some sort of line that you are not a positive identity as thinking of themselves.Bring back the faith in yourself, do not let frustration take hold of you.

Forgive yourself

not dramatize the situation.Do not exaggerate the scale of the disaster.Be objective, do not twist the self.Try to calmly judge how the situation can affect your future.Maybe you'll see that in fact nothing terrible has happened, and your life situation will not have much impact.

Imagine unseemly act committed is not you and your close friend or loved one.Think, would you relate to his behavior as critical as one's own.Maybe you're too hard on yourself.The case can be low self-esteem, excessive demands and expectations of yourself.Do not be so much pressure on yourself.

Maybe you feel the shame where it is not necessary.Take your personality, get rid of stereotypes.Acquire inner freedom.For example, to expose their feelings, to show their weakness - it is not a shame.You have the right to be what it is.Another question is whether it is necessary to give people the key to the management of you, pointing to their own shortcomings.But the shame here is clearly superfluous.

Learn to forgive yourself.Be forgiving.Love and appreciate yourself.Take the right to make a mistake as a given.Do not try to be a perfect person, it is impossible.Be realistic and objectively assess their capabilities and abilities.Sometimes we have to admit that you are peculiar to some shortcomings and learn to live with them.Understand that this is the best way to harmony with itself.Otherwise guilt will deprive you of peace and joy of life.