not bring the situation to the conflict (which is certainly possible to consider many of the incidents, which resulted in one of the parties feels humiliated), you must try to find the most secure solution.You can use the old advice - opinion is valuable, if your opponent is willing to listen to him.And if the other party does not care opinion at a given moment?Depending on how important and loved ones is the relationship with that person, it is worth trying to find options to change just to change the situation, leave.
the humiliation can sometimes be so traumatic for the psyche of a person in danger "break."To survive the most unpleasant episode, psychologists recommend different options.For example, among the known methods - "deletion" scene from memory, imagining the picture blurs the water, sand falls asleep.You can submit a "freeze-frame", most often comes to mind, and "burn" it, as if it was a simple photograph, printed on paper.You can even split the screen imaginary TV, which "show" experiences, picking up a bit and his eyes closed, imagining a deafening roar.The main thing - to get rid of this "image."This may be the first step.
If memories of situations in which a person has experienced a strong humiliation continue to haunt the person causing real flour and affect the self-esteem and self solve the problem does not work, you can seek the help of fully trained professional.Psychologists can not only help to find the capacity to cope with such a milestone, but also able to find a way to prevent future such events.
Confident people may not even notice when someone is trying to humiliate them.However, their path of life can expect trouble because verbal humiliation are not always built on the insolvency of a person.For men, even the very wealthy, it can be painful to be hints to the exterior.For women, a painful punishment can turn into doubt their attractiveness or the ability to be a good hostess, voiced spouse.
is important not only to get rid of pesky memories of the experience.You should not allow yourself to relive the feeling of humiliation, working on self-esteem.To do this, try to remember the most happiest periods, "absorbing" and remembering a deep state of satisfaction.Pride in yourself, confidence and love - very strong drugs, but they do not buy in any pharmacy.The man himself must find a one particle to grow out of her own self-esteem.