you need
  • subscription to a fitness club or swimming pool, green tea, a good friend, a selection of soothing music, aromatherapy oils, cake, candles, Stay in the seaside resort.
If you feel that you are ready to break, slow down.Set aside the issue for a few minutes.Immediately Retire, for example, in the bathroom, lock the door.Turn on the water in the sink, close your eyes, your ears with cotton.Impeached.Inhale slowly, gradually filled the air from the bottom up.Exhale twice as long, a la carte, saying: "Chchch-chchch ...".Do this for at least 5 minutes.
During an attack of rage look at yourself in the mirror.It is a powerful psychological trick.Note how emotions distort your face.You look so ugly that you can not learn to forgive yourself.And this monster - you!Imagine what your family is a witness.
If rolled in a rage and you are about to fall through at close immediately let off steam, but elsewhere.Stand under the ice shower, slay them "to death" pillow.Turn on the vacuum and try to drown it, to express their grievances vacuum cleaner in the most unflattering terms.
Another good remedy for immediate response - physical activity.One hundred sit-ups in a row, three-kilometer jogging or dance under incendiary music will transfer you in a positive way.
Try every time you're on the verge of collapse, to engage in domestic cleaning.Have you been going to disassemble the dressing in the bedroom?Or have not washed the window after the winter?Get to it during a fit of anger!Along with the monotonous work, and reassurance comes a sense of satisfaction from doing long-delayed tasks.
If it is possible to postpone the meeting with loved ones during an attack of your irritation - do it.You humiliated boss, and now you come back to the family with a heap of insults?Do not rush home.Go to the gym, sauna and a cinema, spend time on the soul, relax.
reprimand - another easy way to relieve stress.Do not use near people like vest and drink from them energy.Tell us about your problems ... or taxi home to strangers in online chat.
Warn your loved ones about your incontinence.Talk to them openly out of the crisis.Try to find a common solution, warning breakdowns.For example, it will be a symbol that you file if you are not in the spirit.
Fed people rarely unhappy.Promise yourself not to communicate with relatives on an empty stomach.How to express undershot before the meeting, use sweets, fruits (especially bananas) and nuts.