looks good.Men love with their eyes, this can not be concealed.But kgs of cosmetics will not make weather here.Be well-groomed and neat, and cosmetics, try to emphasize their appearance, not "paint" it.
Be mysterious.Not a man devote all your secrets and do not tell him about his past life, the more of their ex-boyfriends.For information about themselves should be provided only occasionally and in small portions.Otherwise, the young people will quickly lose interest in you.
Eccentricity - this too is your trump card.Being "all" interested themselves, and men are not particularly attracted to "gray mouse".If you have unusual cravings, like skydiving, skiing hobbies or even knitted a hook and fork - do not hesitate to devote to it his favorite.Guys love multifaceted and passionate women.But his interest in you can then develop into something more.
maintain interest in your guy.He will be very pleased if he will know that you are interested in them, too.In addition, joint exercises favorite things solely to a rapprochement.
Be patient.Develop their relations at a rapid pace is not necessary.Many girls just waiting, and when a guy drag them into bed.And they think that this is the only manifestation of love.But no.Do not rush to pack a man in bed, arrange a romantic date with a candlelight dinner, drown each other's arms and kisses.And it came to bed, when it's your time.
aware that molestation and excessive demands do not suit.In your life there should be no obligation and compulsion.Above the couple have not yet, and only a couple of people in love.Excessive whims and demands can push you to any guy.This will happen as soon as he imagined what awaited him in the family life.
Do unforgettable every moment of your life.Give your loved gifts, arrange surprises can find funny or sensual poem in his honor.The guy is delirious with happiness.In addition, if you are often given a loved this kind of attention you can then expect from him the same.And do not skimp on the right compliment, admiring the strengths of Man.After all, a kind word and a cat is nice.