Psychologists believe that suppress and deny their emotions is useless, they still find a way to get out.If you hide them away, pretending they do not exist, emotions begin to gradually destroy the mind and the body, have a negative impact on all spheres of life.Therefore, unrequited love, to work, to make efforts to resolve this unpleasant situation.

splash out emotions

most unexpected way to get rid of emotions is its awareness and "sloshing".We can say that this method is the opposite of suppression of emotions, but it is highly effective, although it requires the implementation of a number of specific actions.Take a sheet of paper and write on it in detail, what torments you describe your emotions, do not be afraid to use "strong" wording.The sincere and detailed to get the text, the easier you will realize how much spoils your life feeling.After that you need to "vykrichat" their emotions.To do this, go to a deserted place, fit a morning park or forest, a deserted beach, or an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city.Get together with the forces and to recognizing their feelings and experiences.If you find it difficult to make it out loud, start with a whisper, and then try to talk about it loudly, it is best to eventually shout recognition.This method gives a temporary relief, whenever emotions overwhelm you and interfere with life, resort to it.

Sublimation and visualization

second method offers the benefit of their position.Unrequited love makes you stronger and more sharply perceive the world, which has to be creative.Try to write novels or poems, or plays music philosophize.Creativity helps avoid frustration, dissatisfaction.If you deal with them strongly enough, you will be able to transform your love, make it a source of inspiration to change their approach to it.

The third method provides the knowledge to do their problems and visualization of getting rid of it.Imagine unrequited love in the form of splinters or needles, glaring into your heart.Imagine how to pull it with a suitable tool and thrown into the water.Observe how the needle sinks and splinter-sliver floats away from you.Then imagine how the wound of her in your heart begins to tighten.This exercise is to be performed several times a day for a week, whenever you feel bouts of despair and love.Very soon you will feel relief, dulled emotions, and your life will be easier.