If you are afraid of something, think about what makes you feel the thrill of peace.After analyzing the situation, we can understand that it is only in violent fantasies.And then fear quickly passes.Expanding horizons helps to overcome this negative emotion.
Sometimes, to get rid of fear, to go to meet him.If you are afraid to call someone on the phone, speak in public and express their opinions, then you definitely need to do that.And then you will see that nothing terrible in this.Fear stop worrying so much as before.
If you often feel anger, then in any case do not start to suppress it.This is a very destructive emotion.If it is directed into the body, it can cause illness and nervous breakdowns.One should not indulge, causing damage to relationships and people around.It is important to learn how to express their feelings without damage.
At first, you must include awareness and begin tracking those situations that annoy you.If you feel anger is emerging inside the hard, keep practicing.First, you will realize that annoying, only after some time.With the experience of watching their emotions and trace them in the initial stages it will be easier and easier.
As soon as the irritation inside, make it the focus yourself or the person with whom communicate.At the moment, the emotion is not strong enough to destroy the relationship, saying about anger, you will change the situation and attitude to it.Do not hoard a negative, and do not wait until the feelings begin to overwhelm you.If you do not have the words to express the sense of possibilities, implement it in a safe action: broken pencil, tear the paper, a blind man from clay and crushed him.It also helps replace the feelings of other emotions.Thanks Awareness person or event for the life lesson could displace negative.
If you are prone to hurt, you should know that this feeling is anger turned inwards.For some reason you forbid myself irritated at a specific person.Perhaps it is a relative or a close friend.In getting rid of resentment realize that the worst damage you cause yourself, not someone else.And look for a constructive method for solving the situation.
you take offense at a man when he does not meet expectations.But other people do not have to do as we wish.They have their opinions.If you look at the situation from their side, then perhaps you understand the train of thought.And resentment evaporates.