Hate is destructive effect on any person.Scientists have proved that negative emotions lead not only to spiritual disharmony, psychological problems, and even physical illness.Moreover, problems arise precisely from those who hate, and almost did not relate to hate someone.It is very rarely people can express their emotions of hate object.If you long to feel hatred and never express their negativity, life becomes unbearable.Therefore, it is important to overcome hatred and other destructive feelings, to say goodbye to the past and let go of the situation.
To get rid of feelings of hatred you must first understand its cause.Just because you can not begin to hate the man.Once he was close, once brought positive emotions, once gave happiness and love, and then stopped.Situations in which this can happen are different.For hating what is important is that now the man was a stranger, a friend, not like before.And you need to think about it because of hatred.Often the cause may be the most insignificant occasion, some little thing that grows without elaboration, accumulates and destroys a person from the inside.Sometimes the mere awareness of the causes is already helping to get rid of destructive emotions, because it is too negligible to cover all the good that is associated with that person.
After realizing the reasons it is worth considering whether it was a man to do other than what he did or not.To do this you need to put yourself in the place of the object of hatred.Perhaps no other way out he was not.Perhaps his reality and conditions are not allowed to go the other way.Naturally, accept and forgive insults or humiliation difficult, but often does not develop hatred because one person did something bad, but because it allowed partner to do it.It turns out that negative emotions grow inside a person just because of him.By adopting and realizing it will need to have to get rid of self-loathing.
In some cases, you can get rid of hatred, discussed with the person their emotions.When people stop wearing negativity inside, life becomes easier.The best solution is to discuss the situation.If the conversation can only make the problem worse, it is better not to start it.But emotions still need to splash out: go into the field and plenty to shout, break beat or paper dishes, go to the gym and throw out the anger on the punching bag, etc.After getting rid of the strong feelings will be easier to analyze the situation.
If the cause of hatred identified and analyzed the situation from different angles, you can move on to the next important stage: release the past.In any case, it can not be changed, which means that the best decision would be to realize that we have to live the present, the moment.It is necessary to recognize past mistakes, to understand that ideal people do not exist and no one is obliged to do as i do not want him, but to someone else.This is useful for a person to such errors in the future will no longer do.
If the situation is such that communication with the person can not stop, and hatred does not pass, you can use the following technique.When communication is necessary to introduce a partner a little boy who sits inside him, he scored and miserable.Every time his "boss" does something bad, that boy is even more unfortunate and downtrodden.We need to forgive him, let him know that you feel sorry for him.At the same time, you can do all this silently, seemingly avoiding rudeness and similar partner behavior.Instead of a little boy can be of a kitten, cute furry monster or other fantastic creatures - most importantly, that it should be the perception of the soul partner who really wants to be good and naive.
general inner work can do wonders.For some, this work is carried out with the help of religion, for others - with the help of cosmic energy, or astral body, and some are turning to the inner or higher 'I' trying to contact with the inner "I" of another person.Such internal dialogue will help eliminate hatred.Even simple affirmations such as "I forgive you", "I'm letting you go" or "I only remember the good things between us were" directed to a former partner, capable of bringing relief and eliminate the negative.Anyone who works well with images that can be represented by a picture of him waving to departing, outgoing or sail the object of hate arm, as if saying goodbye.If you will turn to imagine such a picture for several weeks or months, it is likely to pass the hatred, and the man was surprised when meeting with former partner as easy and pleasant in his soul.