the views from no effect on self-esteem, depression and did not cause offense, we must understand that ideal people and projects do not exist.Anything that makes a person, you can do better.And if you think about it, all sorts of things can be improved.Therefore, the place is always there to correct, and it also gives the opportunity for growth and development.
If you criticize, be happy, then you want to make more productive.You are given the opportunity to understand what went wrong, and this privilege is not at all.As you believe, give another chance.But there are those who after such bugs went in search of other work.
If you do not criticize the boss, still pay attention.Any comments are valuable, they allow you to learn, improve themselves and become professional.If you listen and change all is well, it is likely the rapid promotion.If the criticism is not at work, then it would lead to the correct perception of great respect.Observe all the moments when someone is not satisfied with your actions.
Any criticism requires reflection.We need to understand what caused it, is there any real reason.There are situations where such behavior is only a consequence of personal animosity, but if so, it is still necessary to understand what caused this attitude.And also worth thinking about how to resolve discrepancies that were made.
After any comments you need to work on the bugs.Correct flaws, follow all the way you have recommended.If during a conversation you're not angry or worried, you know exactly what you want from you.Do everything in accordance with the requirements.If you do not agree with the format, ask questions and offer their solution to the problem.If your proposal is constructive, people will go to a meeting.
Try to create an environment where such errors are not repeated.Think about how you can not continue to do anything like that.And follow these points precisely.Analyze why it happened, that everything was not perfect, and at other times simply give more attention to detail.
Do not get angry when you criticize, do not accumulate in itself anger or resentment.If you think that it is not deserved, talk to the person who expressed his dissatisfaction.Just ask what caused his words, how can you correct the error.If the criticism is constructive, it will update its requirements, if not justified, after this conversation will no longer quibbles.